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productbox.modal.caption.before nitric acid
nitric acid

Chemical formula: HNO3
Percent Purity: 53%
Packing: Tanker

nitric acid

productbox.modal.caption.before methanol
Material name: Methanol Chemical formula: CH3OH
Purity: 99/85%
Appearance: Clear and colorless liquid Brand: Shiraz-Zagros-Fanavaran Packing: 220 liter barrels or vouchers


Shimipole At A Glance

himipole Co., with its experienced and experienced chemical and polymer trading team, has started with more than 5 years of experience in trading business, and the main activity of Shimipole, import and supply of chemical and polymeric materials used by companies Active in the fields of plastics, paints and resins, adhesives and detergents and cosmetics

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