material name: Xylene Chemical formula: C6H4 (CH3) 2 Appearance: Clear and colorless liquid Brand: Bandar Imam and Isfahan Packing: 220 liter barrels or vouchers

Xylene, which is used as a solvent in various industries, is a combination of three isomers of orthosiline, methaziline and paraziline, all of which are colorless and flammable.

Xylene is a slightly greasy mixture and is mainly known as a solvent.

Its annual production reaches several million tonnes, which began in 2011 with the World Consortium building the largest mixed xylene plant in Singapore.

Used in the printing, rubber, paint and leather industries and in the histological laboratory for processing and dyeing.

Tissues are applied to the tissues.

The discovery date goes back to 1850 when it was discovered by French scientist August Cahors as a carpenter.

Xylines are also used in the manufacture, drugs and insecticides. One of the main applications of xylene is the use of lubricants in various industries. For this reason it is also used in the production of engine oil and brake fluid.

Proximity to xylins can irritate the nervous system, eyes, throat, skin and more. Complications of the nervous system, such as dizziness, dizziness, imbalance, and so on.